Humorous Images


Now that you have gotten credit for being here – Let’s get on with the rest of the day’s plan…

At the end of the first trimester I asked that you come up with clean, corny jokes & then paste them onto the wall using wallwisher. This time around I want you to find clean, corny images and then upload them to the corkboard below.

To do this you need to:

  1. Open the Internet to Google Images
  2. Select Advanced Search
  3. Click labeled for reuse or free to use or share
  4. Now search for images that make you laugh 
    1.  When you find what you want, save it to the deskstop
  5. Now for the tricky part – scroll down this page to the corkboard 🙂
  6. Click on the blue “Humorous Images” toolbarselect the small yellow photo icon
  7. Once the window opens up, upload your photo and add a caption (if desired)
  8. Move image to the place where you would like it to be on the corkboard
  9. And your done…




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